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Child Support is one of the more "black and white" areas in which we practice. Whether you're paying or receiving child support, it is paramount that the numbers used to calculate your child support are accurate and fair. Contact Delk & Tomlinson Law today to get help with your current child support situation.

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Whether you're already behind on child support, need a change to your current obligation, or need to file an initial action, we're here to help you!


Together we can navigate the financial considerations in calculating child support to get the accurate, manageable payments you deserve.

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In some cases, it may be appropriate to deviate from the Alabama guidelines on child support. At Delk & Tomlinson Law, our goal is to make sure the amount you are paid or are required to pay is legitimate.

Payments should never be less than what is needed, and never more than you can afford. Too often we see men get into child support arrearages from which they can't escape. No matter how overwhelming the amount of arrearage, we can almost always find a way to get you back to financial freedom.

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Ensure that Your Children are Taken Care Of

Find solutions to your unique situation